Orange Shirt Day, September 30th
Orange Shirt Day, September 30th

Orange Shirt Day, September 30th
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Cariboo (BC)
Orange Shirt Society, Webstad, Phyllis, Sorley, Joan

"Orange Shirt Day was inspired by the story of a survivor named Phyllis Webstad. When Phyllis was 6 years old she went to residential school for the first time wearing a brand new shiny orange shirt. When she arrived at the school her shirt was taken away and never to be seen again. To Phyllis the colour orange was a symbol that she did not matter. Today she has learned to accept the colour and even have fun with it and now the orange shirt has become a symbol of hope and reconciliation. By wearing an orange shirt on Orange Shirt Day, you make a powerful statement that residential schools were wrong and commit to the concept that every child matters" -- publisher's website


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9781989122433 ; 1989122434
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