Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry : Conversations On Creation, Land Justice, And Life Together
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Heinrichs, Steve.
"How can North Americans come to terms with the lamentable clash between indigenous and settler cultures, faiths, and attitudes toward creation? Showcasing a variety of voices-both traditional and Christian, native and non-native-Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry offers up alternative histories, radical theologies, and poetic, life-giving memories that can unsettle our souls and work toward reconciliation. This book is intended for all who are interested in healing historical wounds of racism, stolen land, and cultural exploitation. Essays on land use, creation, history, and faith appear among poems and reflections by people across ethnic and religious divides. The writers do not always agree-in fact, some are bound to raise readers' defenses. But they represent the hard truths that we must hear before reconciliation can come."

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9780836196894; 0836196899
Introduction: An Indigenous Intrusion Troubles the House: A Call to Decolonization / Steve Heinrichs. -- Part 1: Naming the Colonial Context. Creation, Original Peoples, and the Colonization of a Hemisphere / Anthony J. Hall, Opening and response by Stan McKay (Cree) ; Liberated Peoples, Liberated Lands / Leanne Simpson (Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg), Opening and response by Rebecca Seiling ; Where Creation Was Begun: NASCA and Indigenous Regeneration / Frances Kaye, Opening and response by Cheryl Bear (Nadleh Whut'en) ; Small Steps toward Reconciliation: How Do We Get There from Here? / Neil Funk-Unrau, Opening and response by Terry Leblanc (Mi'kmaq). -- Part 2: Unsettling Theology. Early Dialogue in the Community of Creation / Randy Woodley (Keetoowah), Opening and response by Rose Marie Berger ; From Garden to Tower: Genesis 1-11 as a Critique of Civilization and an Invitation to Indigenous Re-Visioning / Ched Myers, Opening and response by Vonåhe'e (Northern Cheyenne) ; White Christian Settlers, the Bible, and (De)Colonization / Dave Diewert, Opening and response by Lee Maracle (Stó:lō) ; Theological Composting in Romans 8: An Indigenous Meditation on Paul's Rhetoric of Decay / Laura E. Donaldson (Cherokee), Opening and response by Kathy Moorhead Thiessen and Vic Thiessen ; The Earth Is a Song Made Visible: A Cheyenne Christian Perspective / Chief Lawrence Hart (Southern Cheyenne), Opening and response by Marcus Rempel. -- Part 3: Voices of Challenge and Protest. Why I Do Not Believe in a Creator / Tink Tinker (Wazhazhe/Osage Nation), Opening and response by Jim Perkinson ; Inside or Outside Eden? The Gods Who Give Us Language and Story Our Place / Tomson Highway (Cree), Opening and response by Di Brandt ; Chief Seattle Syndrome: What to Do about Indigenous Bulldozer Operators / Will Braun, Opening and response by Adrian Jacobs (Cayuga) ; A Serpent in the Garden: An Unholy Worldview on Sacred Land / Waziyatawin (Dakota), Opening and response by Brian McLaren ; Coyote and Raven Visit the Underworld: Religion, Myth, and Story / Peter Cole (Stl'atl'imx), Opening and response by Iris de León-Hartshorn (Mestizo). -- Part 4: Where To from Here?. Reflections of a Christian Settler in the Haldimand Tract / W. Derek Suderman, Opening and response by Gord Hill (Kwakwaka'wakw) ; Broken Covenants and Restoration: A Personal Journey / Steve Berry, Opening and response by Anita Keith (Mohawk) ; Just Creation: Enhancing Life in a World of Relatives / Daniel R. Wildcat (Muscogee), Opening and response by Derrick Jensen ; Dangerous "Goods": Seven Reasons Creation Care Movements Must Advocate Reparations / Jennifer Harvey, Opening and response by Robert Two Bulls (Oglala Lakota Oyate).
Includes bibliographical references and index.


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